“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” -W.B. Yeats


Stick It! #Pin2Win

I just realized thanks to Pin2Win, for the next five days I can tell people to stick it and mean it in the nicest of ways!Pin2Win

It’s called Pin2Win and here’s how to play:

1. Be on Pinterest (just don’t get busted at work.)

2. Stick this pin: http://amzn.com/B004G5ZXWU which is IRISH MOON’s Kindle page.

3. Let me know here, on FB, or via email (amberscottbooks@gmail.com) that you “Stuck it!” or “Pinned, baby, pinned!” or whatever else makes you grin.

4. Build out a board for more chances to win, more fun and Pinterest heaven.

5. Entries are 5 for a pin, 5 for sharing your pin ala Facebook and elsewhere, 10 for making a board, 50 for top board.

6. Stay tuned for little extras like random hunts and giveaways on my boards.

7. WIN! My main prize is a signed deck of the Oracle cards I use while writing to define moments, characters, direction, etc. They’re called Enchanted Map cards and usually you have to see me in person to get one of these signed. The other giveaways will be a surprise.

Hugs and Pins!


Enchanted Moon Release Day!


3 Things Thursday…

Random rocks, don’t you think…?

1. I don’t get to say I’m a marathoner. Yet. I am a half marathoner (which means I’m only half crazy right now, hehe). But I’m training to go all in early next year. Lots of hill an speed work that my little stick legs hate.

2. Writing a book and running a marathon have so much in common. Loud music helps tons. You gotta make small manageable daily and weekly goals to survive. Even bad days at it feel better than not doing a thing. And then before you know it, ta-da, you reach your goal.

Then you sleep for a week.

3. Enchanted Moon’s development has been a mental marathon in itself. I started over so many times, not getting the story onto the page quite right compared to what was in my head and heart. The hard work looks to be worth it, though. This is the first book I’ve written that my critique partner is over the moon about. She’s tough to woo and that always pushes me in very good ways so to win her over is a huge accomplishment for me. In just weeks, we’ll get to see if fans agree. If you want a taste of it, email me at amberscottbooks@gmail.com for a four chapter sneak preview.

Okay, so maybe not so random. Maybe today has a theme after all. Going the distance? 

Whatcha think?



PS: Who else is singing the Cake song now? #metotallyyep


I cannot thank all you fans enough for hanging in during a very long wait for Enchanted Moon and Stealing Dusk. I have learned the hard way to stop tempting fate by throwing out promised dates during a rather challenging time of major changes in my life.

But I do have a four chapter sneak peek as a tide-you-over, my wonderful and amazing Enchanted Moon stalkers.

Oh, and a first chapter preview for all of you Stealing Dusk hopefuls out there.

Just shoot me an email at amberscottbooks@gmail.com, letting me know you’d like your freebie sneak peak(s) OR leave a comment here (warning that a comment takes me a bit longer to see).

My life it appears, is in makeover mode. The coming months you’ll see the whole new me.

New releases. New hair. New look to this site.

I think of it all as me being like a Phoenix rising from some serious ashes.

Speaking of Ashes, I’m thrilled to share that Ashes Falling is the title for book three in ParaRealm! When it will release, I can’t yet say. I know. I’m a tease. But I do love ya!

Three Things Thursday…

1. Life threw several curveballs my way this spring (a couple I actually threw at myself. hehe) but I pinky swear that I am working diligently and daily to get both ENCHANTED MOON and STEALING DUSK to you asap. As my way of saying thanks for your ever long and loving patience, I’ll be gifting fans each in ebook form on their release dates. So staaaay tuned. :)

Anyone who wants a sneak peek of ENCHANTED MOON on this blog to tide you over, the password to that post is hotlass.

2. Like Kelly Clarkson sings loud and proud, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I know we all get large, steaming piles of stress in life. Whatever yours may be, I wish for good, strong arms around you to catch you if you fall. Good, strong arms make all the difference.

3. SWAG? Oh, swag, where art thou? Well, my favorite envelope stuffing pastime got shoved on hold. BUT, word is from my suppliers that we shall be back to go within a couple weeks. So, hang in there all HOT Club HOTees. I’m working on that, too. Lip balms, HOT tags. The works. In the meantime, I send you all a virtual cocktail of your choice and chocolate. Because chocolate makes everything better.

Giant HUGS,

Amber Scott