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Scene Song Saturday– “Cough Syrup”

Book two in the Vegas Pararealm, Drowning Lust, has been sitting in the virtual drawer for over a year now. This May, it gets to come out to play. Paula gets to come out to play. The thing is, this succubus is in deep conflict. Her best friend, Liv Starr, seems to have found a cure for her lust.

Can Paula, too. Or, does she even want to?

In Drowning Lust, Roan Slade, the bad boy we all adore from Stealing Dusk, comes on scene. He isn’t Paula’s love interest, but what he reveals brings about changes neither Paula or Liv are ready to face.

This is Paula’s song…

Oh, the tangled web love can weave…
:}Amber Scott

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Scene Song Saturday– “Eyes on Fire”

Enchanted Moon’s (Moon Magick Book II) April release is on the horizon and Stealing Dusk (Pararealm Book II) will soon follow.

For very different scenes, this song begged for my attention.

In Enchanted Moon, this music matches what Ailyn feels in her belly as she faces her worst fears in the black moment, where she must wear the mantle of her destiny.

In Stealing Dusk, Lyric hears this beat in his soul the first time he sees his love interest in the bloodsport ring. She’s his best friend’s ex-flame, a half breed changeling smuggler who takes him by complete surprise. He thought he knew her.

No one really did until now.


You might recognize it from a little film called Twilight.
:}Amber Scott