“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” -W.B. Yeats


Where and what….

It has been three crazy years. April 1st 2012, I walked out of my marriage and into a new life. The fallout of building that new life – from scratch – has been a drastic slowing of my writing and publishing pattern.

Stealing Dusk got placed on hold.

Book three in the Moon Magick series did as well.

Which meant all the other novels in my mental waiting room followed.

I have to thank fans and also … apologize. I’ve made you all wait. A LONG time. Being a reader, I HATE waiting!

I think the delays have to have also impacted trust. I believe transparency is what builds trust most. Hence, the above TMI.

So, here’s the plan. All progress gets posted here. Weekly. In the form of stats and deadlines and basic info. My plan is to offer Stealing Dusk to fans for free in segments as I progress. I can’t really say how often or how large a chunk you’ll get, but if you aren’t the type to want to wait long term, I’m happy to make you a part of its journey to publication. In order to get on this mailing list, email me at amberscottbooks@gmail.com.

I’m working on Stealing Dusk and a secondary new project – a story that just would not exit and wait its turn. If you’d like a preview of this one, I’m happy to send it as well. It is a new genre and I’m currently kicking around pen names. I’d even love to have your vote on the pen name.

So, if you’re interested in seeing the highs and lows and progress, which I’m sure will be good for a chuckle or three, check back here every Wednesday. Because it is hump day. And this writing career mountain is one helluva hump to climb.



PS: Soul Search will be free on AMAZON for a few days if you want to check out a historical paranormal with a new twist on shapeshifting.

Enchanted Moon Release Day!


Scene Song Saturday– “Cough Syrup”

Book two in the Vegas Pararealm, Drowning Lust, has been sitting in the virtual drawer for over a year now. This May, it gets to come out to play. Paula gets to come out to play. The thing is, this succubus is in deep conflict. Her best friend, Liv Starr, seems to have found a cure for her lust.

Can Paula, too. Or, does she even want to?

In Drowning Lust, Roan Slade, the bad boy we all adore from Stealing Dusk, comes on scene. He isn’t Paula’s love interest, but what he reveals brings about changes neither Paula or Liv are ready to face.

This is Paula’s song…

Oh, the tangled web love can weave…
:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday– “Eyes on Fire”

Enchanted Moon’s (Moon Magick Book II) April release is on the horizon and Stealing Dusk (Pararealm Book II) will soon follow.

For very different scenes, this song begged for my attention.

In Enchanted Moon, this music matches what Ailyn feels in her belly as she faces her worst fears in the black moment, where she must wear the mantle of her destiny.

In Stealing Dusk, Lyric hears this beat in his soul the first time he sees his love interest in the bloodsport ring. She’s his best friend’s ex-flame, a half breed changeling smuggler who takes him by complete surprise. He thought he knew her.

No one really did until now.


You might recognize it from a little film called Twilight.
:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday–”What The Water Gave Me”

In Enchanted Moon, water is big theme. It is through water that Ailyn penetrates the veil between Fae and Man. It is at the lip of a cliff that she must face the crashing ocean waves below all in the name of love.

Florence and the Machine is by far my Muse, Milla’s, favorite go to artist when she (we) need to feel and hear and smell the story. Nearly any song by them gets my fingers itching to type.

There is no official video yet, but this one has a beautiful image that reminds my of Ailyn and also shows the lyrics.


Here’s to a weekend drenched in creativity and anticipation!

Luv, Amber

PS: Enchanted Moon, if all goes according to plan, shall release April or earlier.

Scene Song Saturday–”Clumsy”

In honor of Feb. 3rd’s Bestseller For a Day, here is a song I set on repeat while writing my contribution to the anthology of Valentine’s Day stories. What better story than a fan extra of Stupid Cupid herself, Millie Match, right? It’s called “Love Notion #9″

(For all you Moon Magick addicts, I have a separate short just for you coming soon, too. It’ll be a secret coded page and all. Stay tuned….)

Now, Millie, to be clear, is one pitiful excuse for a Cupid, but then it wouldn’t be a punishment for her wrongs in life if it was an easy gig. Not only is she required to match individuals with their true love, she’s head over heels for her partner in time–AJ. (Picture Richard Grieco or Billy Zane here.)

This song is just about how Millie feels…

I adore the whole pop-up thing in the video, and that guy? So Yum!

Hope to see you Friday because the anthology plus a few more titles will be FREE to celebrate the event’s one year birthday. I’ll be the one eating the cake.
:}Amber Scott

Hump Day Updates–Some Kind of Wonderful!

One of my HOT Club’s top HOTees and an all around generous and fun author, Patricia Terrell, gave me this award.

She’s pretty wonderful and the award is pretty wonderful, too. So today’s updates shall come in the form of a list of things I find just, well, wonderful.  :)

1. The HOT Club–From Chester to Delphina to Sherrikki, I dare anyone to prove they have cooler fans. This secret Facebook group is my fave place to duck in while procrastinating word count, burning dinner or about to say goodnight. Thank you HOTees, for making my day every day.

2. The Indie Book Collective–How on earth did I get so lucky as to meet Carolyn McCray and help her found this group. I can’t even begin to measure all I’ve learned thanks to her and this group. Feb. 3rd marks the Bestseller For a Day 1st birthday and “8 Hearts Beat as One” will be headlining this event. It’s a Valentine’s anthology that will give you all sorts of warm fuzzies and sighs. AND all this week, the 2nd annual Blog Tour de Force “Get Loaded” tour is feeding fans with free ebooks, chances to win and a scavenger hunt. Today’s stop is Chelsea Fine with her latest release “Anew“. If you’re a Twi-hard like me, you’ll eat this baby up! Every comment is a win.

3. “The Sweetest Fling”, book two in the Stupid Cupid series is on the release list and, barring any hiccups, will be out by Feb. 3rd to help out Bestseller For a Day. This event is going to be special because we’re celebrating the program’s birthday by going FREE. Sweet! (I heart free.)

4. I now get to nominate three blogs I think are wonderful! My nominees are….

-I Smell Sheep...Baaaaaa!

-Close Encounters With The Night Kind…so pretty and I drool on Erik.

-Rachel in the OC…snarkalicious!

It’s a wonderful start to another wonderful year. So tell me, what is wonderful in your world today?

PS: Who else freaking loved that kiss scene from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful? HOT!!

Scene Song Saturday–The One That Got Away

O.M.G. this song is so A Love Soul Deep. Even the video is a bit like the book.

Sara has just one wish and thanks to a little enchanted treasure at an antiques store, it just might come true…

As a holiday treat, I hope you’ll grab your copy of A Love Soul Deep, book one in the Mystique Antiques series, over on Amazon Kindle for FREE!

Yep, that’s right, for two more days, this one is on me. Thank you all so much for all of your support. Exciting new release news coming soon…and it just so happens this song applies to that novel, too.

Until that little announcement, rock on, baby.

:}Amber Scott

PS: Swag winners TBA Monday!

Soul Search-Taking it to the TOP?

Today, I am bare cheeked and chilly. Why? Because today I am up again, testing sales limits and asking all my fans and friends to help take Soul Search into the top 100 on Amazon Kindle.

I’m a lucky, lucky author in all this, though. Not only do I have the support of the Indie Book Collective, but also four outstanding authors are putting their money where my mouth is. Today, you can score not only Soul Search by me for 99 cents as we climb the charts together, but also Fated by Carolyn McCray, What the Heart Wants by Kelli McCracken, Gifts of the Blood by Vicki Keire AND Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams.


Plus a chance to win a Kindle, from me. WOOT!

I also want to give away some gift cards and the closer we get to that top 100 mark, the more I’ll give away. In order for a chance at a gift card, all you have to do is show comment love to at least three of my Bestseller For a Day sponsors. Yep. Just click, enter a comment and you’re entered. Every comment is a shot at one of many $5 Amazon gift cards. #pieceofcake

Saph’s Book Blog

Sugar Beats Books

Caroline Clemmons

Alchemy of Scrawl

Taylor Lee Books

Tracy Riva

The Pen Muse

Reading is my Cheap Addiction

Mother Hoot

Book Savvy Babe

From Me to You

McPig Pearls

A Tale of Many Reviews

Alise On Life

Tweezle Reads

Laurie’s Interviews

Dime Store Novel

I appreciate all of these amazing bloggers’ support and all of yours SOOO much! A book is nothing but words on a page until it earns the heart of a reader. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Tune in to Facebook and Twitter while I live update on rankings all day long. WOOT!!

:}Amber Scott

Hump Day Updates–Best of!!

Holy pajama pants, people. What a week! First, we saw over 165 commenters this last weekend right here on this blog in support of our soldiers for Blog Tour de Troops. That is also the number of books, times two, that the troops get, from me, added to the now under construction database.

Thank you SO much to everyone who commented. I laughed, I cried, I loved every minute.

Those of you who entered the previous week’s contest have some sortof good news. The winner has not yet replied. So that means, pending one more week of me stalking her inbox, I might need to draw a new winner.


In some pinch me I’m dreaming news, Fierce Dawn has been nominated by The Romance Reviews in the Best PNR (Paranormal Romance) Angels & Demons category. WHOA! There are some amazing titles nominated and you can vote here.

There are some other amazing titles nominated in lots of fun categories including Lacey Weatherford, Erin Kellison, Deena Remiel and Belinda Boring. #IHeartthem

Starting the 21st, Fierce Dawn’s cover is also up for vote at You Gotta Read Covers. #Squeetafufu!

Fierce Dawn, Blog Tour de Troops, nominations, none of it would be happening if not for all of you. Thank you.


Blog Tour de Troops–starts HERE!

Welcome to stop #1 in the four day event known as Blog Tour de Troops. Last Memorial Day weekend, the authors on this tour gathered 10,000 ebooks for troops. Let’s put that number in check, together.

At each stop, just for commenting, you win an ebook for yourself plus one for a soldier. For stop #2, Terri Guiliano Long, click here.

When I was little, my Uncle Harry told my sisters and I that his many medals were for “Peeling Potatoes” and “Washing Dishes.” He’d tell us tall tales about riding tortoises taller than him across the Sahara Desert. On the wall of his trailer, hung a framed letter from President George Bush thanking him for his years of service.

He died a highly decorated soldier before I was old enough to appreciate that a Purple Heart was more than just the prettiest one.

I get to live in a country where I can walk my neighborhood without fear of car bombings thanks to my Uncle Harry and hundreds of thousands of other men and women who give their lives for the larger good.

I’m grateful beyond words for such a precious gift.

I’m a music lover and every novel I write has a soundtrack I’ve created to get into character and scene. I love the story of this song in particular and wanted to share it as we remember the bravest among us this weekend.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, please leave a comment telling me your favorite ‘soldier’ song and as thanks, I’ll send you an ebook of WANTED, my time travel romance, plus give one to a soldier.

Your comment will also enter you to win a brand, new Kindle and the proceeds of this tour go toward the purchase of Kindles for troops. Books are the number one requested care package item and we’re out to fill that need together.

***If you’d like to donate money toward those Kindles, simply use Paypal and ibcprograms@gmail.com as the address.***

Bless you and the soldier in your life.

Amber Scott


Three Things Thursday–Prove it!

As the days go by and I get more and more grown up, I can feel childhood dreams threatening to dissolve into the land of won’t come true. So, today, I ask you.

Are these three things real?

  • Abs of steel! I see them on book covers and magazines, but where does an author craving inspiration find these lovelies “in the wild”?
  • Aliens. The History Channel had me on the edge of my bed with the series about aliens through history. Until the sword episode. So, do aliens exist and if so, have we seen one?
  • Happily Ever After. I still believe, don’t get me wrong. But as more and more couples part, as women become more independent, I do wonder what makes love stick around, truly, deeply and forever?

I await your take.

:}Amber Scott

PS: Meet me back here tomorrow for a Veteran’s Day weekend IBC style. It’s Blog Tour de Troops and over fifty free titles are up for grabs for you and a soldier–just for commenting.

Hump Day Updates–Swag Winner!

Check your email because I have drawn a winner for last week’s contest!

Once I confirm the winner, I’ll announce her very awesome name.

In the meantime, the biggest news on the horizon is that this Friday, Blog Tour de Troops gives back to the men and women who safeguard our freedoms. Come back here for the kickoff of over fifty authors giving an ebook to every single commenter plus one for a soldier per.

I’ll be sharing a sneak peek at a title with select commenters, too. #squee

There shall be Kindles given, too!


:}Amber Scott



3 Things Thursday–Bucket List!

I love the randomness of this blog day. Today, my muse wants to talk wine and fire.


It’s the Bucket List. You know, the things we all want to do before we die?

Here are three on mine:

1. Have a wine collection all with fun names. No boring allowed. We’re talking Herding Cats, Writer’s Block, Bitch, Basket Case, 7 Zins, Mad Housewife, Ghost Pines and any other wine that has to do with being an author, a woman, or the paranormal. Now that also means people need to see this collection so I can get the laughs I fantasize about. What does that mean? Parties! Dinner parties. Maybe where there’s a murder mystery going on.

2. Firewalking. I have wanted to walk across hot coals while in a trance for ages. But you can’t do it alone! It is a big time bonding experience when you do it with someone else. So…who’s coming with me?

3. A day hanging with Adrian Grenier. I adore him! Not just because he tries to seduce me in my dreams either. I have based more than hero in my books on him. I am a huge fan of his work and really dig the causes and messages he focuses on. I think it would be so much fun to hang with him for a day. Longer, really. But I’d take a day.

What are 3 things on YOUR Bucket List?

:}Amber Scott


Hump Day Updates–Naked Me

Well…maybe naked isn’t exactly the right word.

Presenting a workshop feels a little bit like getting out of the shower in public. Thankfully, it only feels that way about the first two minutes. By then, some friendly audience member tosses me a towel in the form of a smile.

Yep, I’m presenting this weekend at the Emerald City Writers’ Conference with fellow creativity coach and co-author of MUSE FOOD, Jess Macallan. We’ll be sharing our sensory bar with attendees and getting to know what makes each person’s individual creative spark become a fire. MUSE FOOD goes live this weekend and will be ebook priced at just 99 cents.

If you’re in the Seattle area, I’d love to see you and share some swag at the ECWC Book Fair on Saturday at 4:30-6pm. I’ll have lots of goodies on me.

Speaking of getting undressed, I’ll bet you all are wondering who was in costume as me all last week. MANY of you already guessed correctly. It was the uber sweet and amazing author Lacey Weatherford!!! Did you guess right?

Yeah. I know. A lot of us did. Which rocks!!

And while the random number generator has no favorites, it did select a winner of the super secret HOT Kit! Why is it secret? Because my hubby dabbles in beauty products and whatever is popular and new is usually also hush hush unless you’re an industry insider.

AND the winner is…..

Enna Penglin!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to Enna and everyone else who commented here and on all my amazing reviewers’ sites. What a fantastic week!

Please be sure you got Soul Search on ebook for commenting. I hate the idea of missing anyone in the fun frenzy.

For all you book junkies out there, this Friday is the Indie Book Collective’s Bestseller For A Day and five ebooks are up for 99 cents grabbing just in time for Halloween. There’s a Kindle giveaway, too. Author Cristyn West will be feeling all sorts of naked out there. Let’s be sure we support her with a shout out and a purchase.

Sooo…what makes YOU feel naked?

:}Amber Scott

Blog Tour de Force–Who’s under my mask?

Well, hello, hello!  I see you caught me haunting the page of the fabulous Amber Scott! Wouldn’t you do the same?  I mean honestly…this place is riddled with gorgeous alpha males and feisty heroines to match.  Everyone knows that is equal to perfection in my book…well they would if they knew who I was under this mask.

It is DAY 1, STOP 1, in Blog Tour de Force’s “Masquerade” and that means a FREE ebook just for commenting, plus your shot at a KINDLE, plus your shot at Amber’s infamous HOT Kit. (Only the winner can reveal what is inside.)

***Don’t forget to leave your email address for your ebook(s)***

So do you think you know who I am?  Care to render a guess and try for some extra Kindle points?  Go right ahead…I dare you!  See if you can get all these Masquerade Blog Tour De Force authors pegged with one glance.

I will wait for you…I’ll just sit here with my nose buried in Amber’s book, Soul Search, and allow myself to get completely lost in one of Grant’s delicious werewolf kisses. *Sigh* There’s nothing better than a good kiss, especially when it’s delivered from a wonderful, tortured, handsome, werewolf with wounds and secrets buried deep inside.  Oh, to be the lucky woman to help him overcome all that!  Wrap that up in an awesome paranormal storyline with psychics, visions, symbols and ghosts and, “Wha-la!”—like I said before…perfection!

Of course we have some other good werewolf action happening on this tour.  Have you checked out Cherished, the latest installment from Belinda Boring’s Mystic Wolves serial? Mason’s heartfelt emotions nearly brought me to my knees! What a guy!

Or what about another great story by Rachel Thompson and Kelli McCracken, The Evil Within.  Are you ready for this ride?

You don’t have to take my word for it. Amber’s book review sponsors agree and if you comment on any of their sites with the phrase “Slay Me HOT!” you get an extra free ebook of her title WANTED!! Here they are:

Sullivan McPig

Alchemy of Scrawl

I Smell Sheep

Close Encounters With The Night Kind

Saph’s Book Blog

Dime Store Novel

Taylor Lee Books

My list could go on and on with one great read right after another, like Change of Heart, by the awesome Jackie Chanel or Gifts of Blood, by Vicki Keire, so get out there and trick-or-treat a bit…what’s better than a goodie bag of FREE ebooks? Don’t you just LOVE the Blog Tour De Force? It makes reading FUN!

So comment away my lovelies…make your guesses and get your free ebook copy of Soul Search.  Don’t forget to leave your email address with your comment so Amber can send Soul Search to you, and check out her awesome giveaway

Okay, thanks for chatting with me.  I’m off to reapply my lip gloss now so I will be ready for more of Grant’s kisses!! #HappyHaunting!

Next STOP…Maxwell Cynn’s blog and much MORE fun…

Hump Day Updates– Sppoooky Fun

Halloween season is my all time favorite and this October I have much spook to celebrate:

1. The ECWC is on the way and I shall be in costume at the dinner as…Zombie Audrey Hepburn! I have a little black dress and make up tips from uber cool Leanne Gagnon, make-up artist extraordinaire.

2. WANTED and Soul Search are both on shelves and rocking the top 100 Kindle charts thanks to all of you! Plus Amazon has Irish Moon on sale!

3. The Evil Within horror anthology will release in two weeks! In it, my first zombie story (are we seeing a theme?) “Dirt Nap” will appear.

4. October 17-22nd is Blog Tour de Force “Masquerade” and I found out who I’ll be in costume as! It’s one of the other authors on tour and nope! Not telling who. The week promises to be a ton of fun for readers and authors, too.

5. The Romancing Your Darkside blog tour continues and along the way I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing new book reviewers like Nathiel at The Wolf’s Library, Paula at The Phantom Paragrapher and Holly at Full Moon Bites!

6. AND, last but not least, A Love Soul Deep and Enchanted Moon shall be on shelves soon, too! When? I’ll let you know when I have exact dates. So stay tuned…

Happy Spooky!

:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday– “The Only Exception”

A Love Soul Deep, originally in the Kissed From Beyond anthology, is a story about the kind of love few people get in a lifetime taken too soon.

Sara’s life was forever altered by loving and losing Crew. So much so that one fierce wish while holding a magical relic brings him back, if only for a little while.

This Paramour song is Sara’s song. For Crew. For changing her for the better.

*le sigh*

I’m so excited to re-release this…soon!
:}Amber Scott

3 Things Thursday–I Never…

Yep. It’s the fun, embarrassing and awesome drinking game and this morning my drink of choice is coffee. Espresso shots anyone?

So, as the game goes, you state what you have never done, but really have.

I go first….

1.  I have never shocked myself or made myself blush over the very hot and sometimes scandalous things my characters have done and said.

2. I have never voyeuristically obsessed, crushed on or dreamed about actor Adrian Grenier.

3. I have never, ever gone on a shopping binge of any sort because of being angry with my spouse. Because that would be wrong.

Soooo….what have you never done? Best comment wins an ebook, reader’s choice! (To be judged by my husband cuz he’s particular and unbiased and after the credit card bill, needs a boost.)

:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday– “Just a Kiss”

As promised, the Enchanted Moon (historical fantasy) heroine name contest winner has been voted into the win! But first…

Our song. In honor of hitting the publish button on Wanted (time travel romance) tonight–yes, that’s correct, to-night–here is one of the many songs I listened to while revising Wanted for re-release.

The lyrics capture Samantha’s inner struggle between not wanting to ruin the thin chance of a future with Jesse and the hungry rush she feels over the very real possibility that every time she sees him could be the last.

As Jesse and Samantha lay, limbs tangled, in the afternoon sun, feeling like they’re in a dream, I listened to this song.


And now–drum roll, please–the winner of the Enchanted Moon name that heroine contest:

She shall be known as Ailyn which means moon. Thanks and congrats to Leanne Gagnon!! (I love the other two names so much, I’ll be using the other two for secondary characters, too. Yay!)

Winnings on the way, HOTee!

Thanks to everyone who entered and to everyone for hitting like on my Facebook Amber Scott Books page!

:}Amber Scott

3 Things Thursday–Three Names…

Today’s the day! The half fae heroine in Enchanted Moon, due out this October, is down to the final three names. The HOT Club is in private voting and the winning name shall soon be announced…HERE!

But, first, the finalists:

1. Ailyn, submitted by Leanne Gagnon.

2. Tullia, submitted by Wendy Watts.

3. Maeren, submitted by Meg Varhalmi.

You can see why I’m torn and need your help!

While you must be in the secret Facebook group, The HOT Club to vote, you can either friend and ask me to join in, or head to the Amber Scott Books Facebook page to influence the vote by way of hitting ‘like’ under the comment with your preference.

Thank you so much to everyone for hitting the ‘Like’ and for contributing a name suggestion. I’ll post results this Saturday!

:}Amber Scott

Hump Day Updates–Fast and Hard

The holiday season is coming on fast and hard.

Halloween!! I love, love, LOVE scary season. Not just for the candy or costumes or things that go bump in the night. Moreover, all us paranormal lovers get license to fang, howl and hex out in the open.

This Halloween season will bring Enchanted Moon, “Dirt Nap” in The Evil Within, and possibly, if life cooperates, the re-release of The Best Revenge.

Speaking of Enchanted Moon, the What’s My Name contest got a couple extra days of a go. Today will be the last day to throw your name suggestion in the hat. Just click here and put it in the status or as a comment. Feel free to shout out to your favorite suggestion, too. Just click here. Be sure to hit the like button while you’re there!

Also in October, I’ll be giving an online workshop through the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA, called Red Carpet Writing where I share screenwriting tips for novelists.

When I’m up at the ECWC, there will be a costume dinner. What am I going as?

You’ll never guess.

Zombie Audrey Hepburn! Yep, right down to the little black dress. I CAN”T WAIT!

Happy Hump Day! What’s coming soon for you?

:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday–”What’s My Name” (A Contest!)

Ah, the trouble and thrill of naming books and the characters in them. Want in on the FUN?

Awesome! Here’s the deal: I’d love to earn some more “likes” on my Amber Scott Books Facebook page. So, I’m running a contest here, where you post to enter, there.

What do you post? Well, first, let’s have a moment for this delicious song. (Sing it with me...Oh, nah, nah, what’s my name...)

Now for the real fun! Like Irish Moon, Enchanted Moon is set in Northern Ireland circa 1318. The time of Braveheart. Of Camelot. Of Magick.

In Irish folklore a merrow is a fae creature who crossed the veil through the sea cloaked in seal skins to woo a human man and then after years together, succumbed to her longing for home and left him.

In Enchanted Moon, our heroine is the daughter of a merrow and human man who is about to cross the veil on Samhain in search of a Fae relic whose Moon Magick could save her ailing mother and thereby, the kingdom she rules.

All name suggestions (first name only) for this heroine will count as entry and can be posted here: Facebook Page While you’re there, hit the like! (No need to comment here unless you just wanna say hi.)

I’ll take name suggestions through the weekend and on Monday, I’ll take my favorite five and put it those to a vote by the HOT Club, my fan club and secret (sortof) Facebook group.

**To join the HOT Club, just friend me on Facebook and let me know you want in. My motto: “Spoil the HOT”–with swag, freebies and news first.**

The winning name will be announced here and that winner will also get thanks in the book as well as some goodies: swag, ARC of Enchanted Moon, free ebook reader’s choice.


:}Amber Scott


3 Things Thursday–LOL

It’s my new blog series for Thursdays–3 Things. What will those 3 be? That shall depend on the mood, the project, the month, the day and well, how much I can come up with to make you smile.

Here’s our premier: 3 Things that make me LOL (Laugh Out Loud) #heyyouneverknow

1. Joke: A man walks into a doctor’s office wearing nothing but Saran Wrap. The doctor looks at him and says, “Sir, I can clearly see you’re nuts.” hehehehehe

2. “What are you drawing, sweetie?”  Sweet little angel voice says, “A shark. To bite daddy in the butt!” I laugh. She scowls at me. “Because he farts!” she defends.

3. This Sprint commercial:

LOL!! Now my sides hurt.
Happy Thursday!
Amber Scott