“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” -W.B. Yeats


Hump Day Updates–Sneaky!

It’s a sneaky peeky at Soul Search‘s cover!

I know, I know, you all are certainly happy to finally see the cover, but let’s face it. You WANT the book!!!

Life happened. Edits delayed. Formatting challenged. But after much anticipation (and hopefully little irritation)….

This week, you shall (finally) have it! If all converts correctly. FRIDAY!! So stay tuned for the link on Twitter and Facebook.

eARCs go out today. Yes. TODAY. #yayyayayay

After a wild weekend in the Indie Book Blowout sale, Irish Moon hit #1 in Fantasy>Historical in books and ebooks on Amazon! This makes it all the more exciting to have Enchanted Moon, book two in the Moon Magick series, releasing this October!

I’ll be sharing it in the Blog Tour de Force “Masquerade” to all commenters, even if you can’t guess who I’m disguised as for the week.

More news? Yes, there certainly is! Nope. Not telling yet. We’ll save the next delicious tidbit for next week.

Happy Hump Day!

:}Amber Scott

PS: Special thanks to all of you readers who have been ever so patient and understanding with this one’s arrival. It means the world to me to have such support!


Scene Song Saturday–”Mean Sleep”

Anything Lenny Kravitz rocks with swagger and this is no exception. I love the combination of the guitar riffs and the emotional tension Cree Summer’s voice and lyrics invoke.

The lyric’s themselves fit superbly to Orenthia’s first time seeing Lyric. Because it isn’t the first time ever meeting him, instead, they have a history. Orenthia is Elijah’s ex-flame and Lyric is the last immortal in two realms she’d ever get involved with. But it seems they have no choice. They’re both out to expose an underground bloodsporting ring and working together is the logical, best answer.

The mean sleep inside of Oreana over Lyric and feelings from one little, years-old incident  that passed between them is about to come back to life in Stealing Dusk...

This isn’t the official video but has such a fun fantasy element that I couldn’t resist.
Happy Saturday!
:} Amber Scott

Hump Day Updates–Fall Up!

Remember the cover of Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein? Ever feel like that’s you peeking over that same drawn edge?

Yeah. Me, too. After a hectic summer and blazing hot days down here in AZ, I am SO ready for fall. And not just for the cooler weather and my coming zombie Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume. (Shhh, don’t tell. It’s a surprise!) I have a lot of other exciting stuff on deck, too!

This September, after two editorial delays (read life happens), Soul Search shall release! YAY!!!! Wanted shall re-release!!! And, should all go well, Muse Food: Getting Hungry will coming trotting out after. Cool!

In October, I’ll be presenting “Muse Food” at the ECWC with my very talented and extraordinary co-presenter, Jess Macallan. Jess and I met last year at the same conference when I shyly sat next to her at lunch and we found we have tons in common, primarily that we’re both brain geeks!

Also in October, I get to join eleven other authors in the Blog Tour de Force “Masquerade” tour where we will all masquerade as each other so readers can guess who is who while grabbing over twelve titles free on ebook. Sweet!

Somewhere in there, two anthologies I am lucky enough to be in also release. I’m particularly excited about the horror anthology, The Evil Within, and my contribution, “Dirt Nap”, my zombie first. I will tell you now that I am shocked at how much fun zombie Cara was to write.

I also wanted to thank the winner of this summer’s Menage a Blog HOT kit, Angi Morgan!

More news coming soon and to catch me currently, be sure to tune into the Romancing Your Dark Side paranormal book tour. Lots to win and gab about.

HUGS! Amber


Hump Day Updates–Praise Chocolate

Today I walked my 6 year old to first grade and cried the whole way home. Yep. My lil guy is growing up far too fast on me. For years now, I thought how wonderful it would be to have both kids in school so I could write all day long without distractions and Dora the Explorer yelling at me in the background.

I’m not on my own for eight hours yet but already I can tell, I’d rather be writing with both kids fighting at my feet.

Dove caramel chocolates are helping get me through along with tons of snuggles from my almost four year old.

It’s been one of those months (summers?). *nibble* I’m WAY behind on goals, which for a plotter goal type like me, gives my hives. But I have a ton to be thankful for. Two healthy, amazing children. A super supportive husband. My writer friends who stand by me the whole virtual day through. My non-writer friends who know just when to force me out dancing. (Force, yeah, right.)

Though I’m behind, I feel like a new era is beginning in my writing. *chomp* In part because of the coming re-releases and exciting anthology projects, in part because of the successes of my current list of titles. Whoa! This is where I’ve been long striving to be all these years! Praise chocolate! And, how did that happen? All those baby steps, I suppose, have finally added up to miles of progress.

A few exciting updates on the horizon: Soul Search releases in three short weeks (eARCs on the 15th), Wanted will re-release soon after and the Indie Book Blowout is Labor Day weekend. *nibble nibble nom nom*

Today, I’m going to press pause. I’m going to eat my Dove’s, hugger on my baby girl, pick my son up later with a smile and just focus on being very present in life. A tear or three will probably jerk out. But thanks to friends and chocolate, I will survive. And thrive.

Hugs, Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday–”Lights”

As I see the end of Soul Search closing in and I relive these moments Grant and Leigh have given me, editing, polishing, holding close and letting go all at once, this song plays again and again.

“Lights” by Interpol

The music whispers to me about the other side and the dark the stolen souls live in. The lyrics tell me what hides in Grant’s heart when he goes into the dark to destroy the soul thief.

Close your eyes, listen and deep down inside….feel it.
:}Amber Scott

Hump Day Updates–So HOT!

I know I’m not the only one dressed in the minimum wondering why I wished summer would get here! Here in Arizona it is hot, hot, hot. Monsoon season started so we’ve had some amazing and gorgeous thunderstorms here and there.

Still. SO. Haaaaaawwwwwtt.

If you were here last week, you got to warm up, too, with twelve authors and scored some seriously great books along with chances at author prizes. (I want a Smuggler’s Stash, Regan!) I’ll be announcing the winner of my HOT Kit here next Monday.

But first, this weekend, I’ll be flying to Manhattan for the Indie Book Event where I’ll join Carolyn McCray and Rachel Thompson, fellow founders of the Indie Book Collective, on two panels. One will discuss the publishing industry at large and the other will cover social media for authors.

SO excited!

Speaking of excitement, my secret Facebook group known as the HOT Club (my reader group) is on and hopping this week. We have a fun new slogan, too: “Swag so HOT your mailman wants some.” LOL. Apparently on more than occasion, HOTees swag has arrived pilfered through. I’ll now be duct taping all swag letters, too. (I’m thinking zebra print duct tape might be fun.)

Want in the HOT Club?

Excellent. All you have to do is friend me and let me know then shabam shabing you are officially HOT!

More great stuff coming soon. In the meantime, I am off for a cool shower and an iced coffee!

I’m a lucky, lucky author feeling lots and lots of love this week.

Thanks to all! XOXO, Amber


Scene Song Saturday–”Wolf Like Me”

In Soul Search, the hero, Grant Connel, isn’t a werewolf or shapeshifter per se. He was given a wolf’s soul in order to save his life. This wolf soul takes over in physical form in order to hunt soul thieves and free stolen souls.

This song by TV on the Radio is my favorite to listen to in scenes where Grant is hunting, fighting to hold the wolf in him at bay so that he doesn’t transform too soon and lose the chance to free the golden light he sees trapped inside his prey.

It’s called “Wolf Like Me”….

If you needed to be instilled with animal soul in order to save your own, what animal would you choose?

Soul Search releases officially this August. For an advanced preview of it, tune in Monday for Menage a Blog, the 3rd Blog Tour de Force Tour, and get a free eBook, too! For the entire tour , all you have to do is comment to win!!

:}Amber Scott (rock on)


Scene Song Saturday–Awolnation “Sail”

I have no idea what this song means, but Milla, my muse, adores its ambiguity and flat out delicious beat. It feels like the push and pull of intense attraction. The kind of attraction my characters tend to fight because it is always for that one person they cannot or should not have.

You’ve been there, right?

Your heart pounding, attraction beating inside you, your mind hunting for some hidden escape hatch that gives you permission to have just one little taste of the forbidden?

For me, that is this song. The sweet torture of wanting…

Yep. Totally addicted to it.

:}Amber Scott...la la la la la ohhhhh