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3 Things Thursday–Three Names…

Today’s the day! The half fae heroine in Enchanted Moon, due out this October, is down to the final three names. The HOT Club is in private voting and the winning name shall soon be announced…HERE!

But, first, the finalists:

1. Ailyn, submitted by Leanne Gagnon.

2. Tullia, submitted by Wendy Watts.

3. Maeren, submitted by Meg Varhalmi.

You can see why I’m torn and need your help!

While you must be in the secret Facebook group, The HOT Club to vote, you can either friend and ask me to join in, or head to the Amber Scott Books Facebook page to influence the vote by way of hitting ‘like’ under the comment with your preference.

Thank you so much to everyone for hitting the ‘Like’ and for contributing a name suggestion. I’ll post results this Saturday!

:}Amber Scott

Scene Song Saturday–”What’s My Name” (A Contest!)

Ah, the trouble and thrill of naming books and the characters in them. Want in on the FUN?

Awesome! Here’s the deal: I’d love to earn some more “likes” on my Amber Scott Books Facebook page. So, I’m running a contest here, where you post to enter, there.

What do you post? Well, first, let’s have a moment for this delicious song. (Sing it with me...Oh, nah, nah, what’s my name...)

Now for the real fun! Like Irish Moon, Enchanted Moon is set in Northern Ireland circa 1318. The time of Braveheart. Of Camelot. Of Magick.

In Irish folklore a merrow is a fae creature who crossed the veil through the sea cloaked in seal skins to woo a human man and then after years together, succumbed to her longing for home and left him.

In Enchanted Moon, our heroine is the daughter of a merrow and human man who is about to cross the veil on Samhain in search of a Fae relic whose Moon Magick could save her ailing mother and thereby, the kingdom she rules.

All name suggestions (first name only) for this heroine will count as entry and can be posted here: Facebook Page While you’re there, hit the like! (No need to comment here unless you just wanna say hi.)

I’ll take name suggestions through the weekend and on Monday, I’ll take my favorite five and put it those to a vote by the HOT Club, my fan club and secret (sortof) Facebook group.

**To join the HOT Club, just friend me on Facebook and let me know you want in. My motto: “Spoil the HOT”–with swag, freebies and news first.**

The winning name will be announced here and that winner will also get thanks in the book as well as some goodies: swag, ARC of Enchanted Moon, free ebook reader’s choice.


:}Amber Scott