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Blog Tour de Troops–starts HERE!

Welcome to stop #1 in the four day event known as Blog Tour de Troops. Last Memorial Day weekend, the authors on this tour gathered 10,000 ebooks for troops. Let’s put that number in check, together.

At each stop, just for commenting, you win an ebook for yourself plus one for a soldier. For stop #2, Terri Guiliano Long, click here.

When I was little, my Uncle Harry told my sisters and I that his many medals were for “Peeling Potatoes” and “Washing Dishes.” He’d tell us tall tales about riding tortoises taller than him across the Sahara Desert. On the wall of his trailer, hung a framed letter from President George Bush thanking him for his years of service.

He died a highly decorated soldier before I was old enough to appreciate that a Purple Heart was more than just the prettiest one.

I get to live in a country where I can walk my neighborhood without fear of car bombings thanks to my Uncle Harry and hundreds of thousands of other men and women who give their lives for the larger good.

I’m grateful beyond words for such a precious gift.

I’m a music lover and every novel I write has a soundtrack I’ve created to get into character and scene. I love the story of this song in particular and wanted to share it as we remember the bravest among us this weekend.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, please leave a comment telling me your favorite ‘soldier’ song and as thanks, I’ll send you an ebook of WANTED, my time travel romance, plus give one to a soldier.

Your comment will also enter you to win a brand, new Kindle and the proceeds of this tour go toward the purchase of Kindles for troops. Books are the number one requested care package item and we’re out to fill that need together.

***If you’d like to donate money toward those Kindles, simply use Paypal and ibcprograms@gmail.com as the address.***

Bless you and the soldier in your life.

Amber Scott