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Scene Song Saturday– “Just a Kiss”

As promised, the Enchanted Moon (historical fantasy) heroine name contest winner has been voted into the win! But first…

Our song. In honor of hitting the publish button on Wanted (time travel romance) tonight–yes, that’s correct, to-night–here is one of the many songs I listened to while revising Wanted for re-release.

The lyrics capture Samantha’s inner struggle between not wanting to ruin the thin chance of a future with Jesse and the hungry rush she feels over the very real possibility that every time she sees him could be the last.

As Jesse and Samantha lay, limbs tangled, in the afternoon sun, feeling like they’re in a dream, I listened to this song.


And now–drum roll, please–the winner of the Enchanted Moon name that heroine contest:

She shall be known as Ailyn which means moon. Thanks and congrats to Leanne Gagnon!! (I love the other two names so much, I’ll be using the other two for secondary characters, too. Yay!)

Winnings on the way, HOTee!

Thanks to everyone who entered and to everyone for hitting like on my Facebook Amber Scott Books page!

:}Amber Scott