“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” -W.B. Yeats

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I cannot thank all you fans enough for hanging in during a very long wait for Enchanted Moon and Stealing Dusk. I have learned the hard way to stop tempting fate by throwing out promised dates during a rather challenging time of major changes in my life.

But I do have a four chapter sneak peek as a tide-you-over, my wonderful and amazing Enchanted Moon stalkers.

Oh, and a first chapter preview for all of you Stealing Dusk hopefuls out there.

Just shoot me an email at amberscottbooks@gmail.com, letting me know you’d like your freebie sneak peak(s) OR leave a comment here (warning that a comment takes me a bit longer to see).

My life it appears, is in makeover mode. The coming months you’ll see the whole new me.

New releases. New hair. New look to this site.

I think of it all as me being like a Phoenix rising from some serious ashes.

Speaking of Ashes, I’m thrilled to share that Ashes Falling is the title for book three in ParaRealm! When it will release, I can’t yet say. I know. I’m a tease. But I do love ya!

Hump Day Updates–Goodies for YOU!

The Emerald City Writers’ Conference was A-freaking-mazing.

I fangirl gushed over Julia Quinn. I got a pic with her!! (To post soon.) I even remembered to tell her that I cried at the end of When He Was Wicked. *sigh* I still get choked up over it.

I dressed as Zombie Audrey Hepburn–so right, so very wrong.

I met and now stalk the awesomely funny Sarah Wendell, of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, who held up a giant pair of panties in her keynote speech. Her example of our big girl panties. Gotta wear ‘em! Gotta love a gal with guts. I also scored a copy of her book. Sweet!

I got lots o goodies, in fact!

That I am giving away. Cuz I heart you!!

The goodies include:

  • Night Veil by Yasmine Galenorn
  • Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love
  • Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Reading Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell
  • Chances Are by Shelli Stevens
  • Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams
  • Love is Murder by Allison Brennan
  • Plus some HOT Club Swag from me.

Want a shot at these goodies? All you have to do is comment, telling me what you are grateful for this holiday season.

I’m grateful for…YOU!

:}Amber Scott

PS: I’ll draw a winner next Wednesday so share, comment and keep the love alive til then.

PPS: You get double entry if you share this, tell me, or/and are in my secret (sortof) Facebook group, The HOT Club.

3 Things Thursday–Three Names…

Today’s the day! The half fae heroine in Enchanted Moon, due out this October, is down to the final three names. The HOT Club is in private voting and the winning name shall soon be announced…HERE!

But, first, the finalists:

1. Ailyn, submitted by Leanne Gagnon.

2. Tullia, submitted by Wendy Watts.

3. Maeren, submitted by Meg Varhalmi.

You can see why I’m torn and need your help!

While you must be in the secret Facebook group, The HOT Club to vote, you can either friend and ask me to join in, or head to the Amber Scott Books Facebook page to influence the vote by way of hitting ‘like’ under the comment with your preference.

Thank you so much to everyone for hitting the ‘Like’ and for contributing a name suggestion. I’ll post results this Saturday!

:}Amber Scott

Hump Day Updates–So HOT!

I know I’m not the only one dressed in the minimum wondering why I wished summer would get here! Here in Arizona it is hot, hot, hot. Monsoon season started so we’ve had some amazing and gorgeous thunderstorms here and there.

Still. SO. Haaaaaawwwwwtt.

If you were here last week, you got to warm up, too, with twelve authors and scored some seriously great books along with chances at author prizes. (I want a Smuggler’s Stash, Regan!) I’ll be announcing the winner of my HOT Kit here next Monday.

But first, this weekend, I’ll be flying to Manhattan for the Indie Book Event where I’ll join Carolyn McCray and Rachel Thompson, fellow founders of the Indie Book Collective, on two panels. One will discuss the publishing industry at large and the other will cover social media for authors.

SO excited!

Speaking of excitement, my secret Facebook group known as the HOT Club (my reader group) is on and hopping this week. We have a fun new slogan, too: “Swag so HOT your mailman wants some.” LOL. Apparently on more than occasion, HOTees swag has arrived pilfered through. I’ll now be duct taping all swag letters, too. (I’m thinking zebra print duct tape might be fun.)

Want in the HOT Club?

Excellent. All you have to do is friend me and let me know then shabam shabing you are officially HOT!

More great stuff coming soon. In the meantime, I am off for a cool shower and an iced coffee!

I’m a lucky, lucky author feeling lots and lots of love this week.

Thanks to all! XOXO, Amber


Hump Day Updates–Freebies!

The next couple weeks are all about Freebies! Why? Because I love a good deal, and free is even better. Right?


If you don’t already have a Kindle, I’m betting you have the free iPad/Andriod/iPhone app. And if you do, you’re probably transformed by that eBook experience. It’s fickin’ addictive!

My Kindle (Kipp) needs more eBooks!

I know yours must, too and I’m here to help. July 18th meet me HERE for the beginning of MENAGE a BLOG, a week long blog hop of twelve authors of various genres who will be giving a FREE ebook to EVERY single commenter. We’re talking award-winners, YA paranormal, YA fantasy, romantic suspense and more!

My personal faves are Much Ado About Marshals by Jacquie Rogers and Finding Kate Huntley by Theresa Ragan but I haven’t read them all yet so this might change. Three authors a day will be flirting for your attention each day, giving away ebooks, giving away a prize and there will be a brand, new Kindle up for grabs, too!

Want MORE free? If you enjoy my books and friend me on Facebook, I’ll be happy to induct you into my secret fan group, The HOT Club, and send you a swag pack of goodies that tell the world you are HOT!

Happy Hump Day all! May your week end smoothly with you getting a ton done!

:}Amber Scott