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Scene Song Saturday–”Love You Like…”

The really delicious part of this post, I will totally miss out on. Bummer. What is that part?

Your reaction.

First, let me share the song I’m currently in writing love with. “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez. #sosogood

Next, let me share the character who this song ‘belongs’ to in my head. Cara freakin Cox, baby. She’s a kickass twenty something who hasn’t had a real shot at her own life because her errant sister seems to eff things up for both of them.

A lot.

So Cara feels this song deep, deep down while loving from afar–*sigh*–Jinx. (No that isn’t his real name. It’s his DJ alias.) There’s just one or two little problems.

Cara just woke up from a dirt nap. Yeah.

She’s a zombie who’d like to figure out who killed her then buried her in zombie dirt before she ends up eating brains and facing the next double tap.

See? That right there? I wish I could see your face exactly now. :)

Fun, fun, FUN, Amber Scott

PS: “Dirt Nap” is my short coming up in the IBC horror anthology “The Evil Within” just in time for Halloween.