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Hump Day Updates–Freebies!

The next couple weeks are all about Freebies! Why? Because I love a good deal, and free is even better. Right?


If you don’t already have a Kindle, I’m betting you have the free iPad/Andriod/iPhone app. And if you do, you’re probably transformed by that eBook experience. It’s fickin’ addictive!

My Kindle (Kipp) needs more eBooks!

I know yours must, too and I’m here to help. July 18th meet me HERE for the beginning of MENAGE a BLOG, a week long blog hop of twelve authors of various genres who will be giving a FREE ebook to EVERY single commenter. We’re talking award-winners, YA paranormal, YA fantasy, romantic suspense and more!

My personal faves are Much Ado About Marshals by Jacquie Rogers and Finding Kate Huntley by Theresa Ragan but I haven’t read them all yet so this might change. Three authors a day will be flirting for your attention each day, giving away ebooks, giving away a prize and there will be a brand, new Kindle up for grabs, too!

Want MORE free? If you enjoy my books and friend me on Facebook, I’ll be happy to induct you into my secret fan group, The HOT Club, and send you a swag pack of goodies that tell the world you are HOT!

Happy Hump Day all! May your week end smoothly with you getting a ton done!

:}Amber Scott

Hump Day Updates

Today is all about spilling some secrets. Why? Because juicy secrets are just too fun NOT to share!

The HOT Club is not just a page here, it is also my secret group on Facebook, and it is hopping! If you want in, friend me on Facebook then let me know to add you in. HOT Club Rule #1: Tell everyone you’re in HOT Club. #2: Spoil the HOT. This means swag, news, extras goes to fans first.

Another juicy secret: This Blog Tour de Force’s “Menage a Blog” is coming July 18-22nd and one of the authors on tour could be showing up with a celebrity in tow!! Yep, one of her characters is based on an actor who contacted her about potentially connecting to promote her books. WOW! So, who is it? You’ll have to tune in online to solve that little mystery. But don’t worry, if you go to Blog Tour de Force on Facebook or follow the #BlogTourDeForce hashtag on Twitter, you’ll easily find out.

Speaking of “Menage a Blog,” July 18th, I’m up against Deena Remiel and Carolyn McCray in a flirt to the finish. In addition to scoring Fierce Dawn on ebook for free just for commenting, I’m offering and advanced ebook review copy of Soul Search to every single commenter. This stand alone paranormal romance, set in 1930, will satisfy your inner paranormal investigator with the hero’s hunt for a soul thief before it’s too late to save his missing nephew. After everything else, falling for the spiritualist medium aiding in his search is absolutely, undeniably the worst thing he can do.

Don’t worry, I saw all those ears perking up at the mention of Fierce Dawn and since I know most of you have read it, I have a little treat! Here, on this site, I have a secret page that is password entry only. It gives you a little scene extra snippet from Fierce Dawn that Elijah lovers will adore! To get to the page, email me at amberscottbooks@gmail.com and I’ll get you your goodie!

:}Amber Scott

PS: Fierce Dawn hit #10 on the Amazon Kindle Vampire>Romance list!!! WHOA!