“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” -W.B. Yeats

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Hump Day Updates–Naked Me

Well…maybe naked isn’t exactly the right word.

Presenting a workshop feels a little bit like getting out of the shower in public. Thankfully, it only feels that way about the first two minutes. By then, some friendly audience member tosses me a towel in the form of a smile.

Yep, I’m presenting this weekend at the Emerald City Writers’ Conference with fellow creativity coach and co-author of MUSE FOOD, Jess Macallan. We’ll be sharing our sensory bar with attendees and getting to know what makes each person’s individual creative spark become a fire. MUSE FOOD goes live this weekend and will be ebook priced at just 99 cents.

If you’re in the Seattle area, I’d love to see you and share some swag at the ECWC Book Fair on Saturday at 4:30-6pm. I’ll have lots of goodies on me.

Speaking of getting undressed, I’ll bet you all are wondering who was in costume as me all last week. MANY of you already guessed correctly. It was the uber sweet and amazing author Lacey Weatherford!!! Did you guess right?

Yeah. I know. A lot of us did. Which rocks!!

And while the random number generator has no favorites, it did select a winner of the super secret HOT Kit! Why is it secret? Because my hubby dabbles in beauty products and whatever is popular and new is usually also hush hush unless you’re an industry insider.

AND the winner is…..

Enna Penglin!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to Enna and everyone else who commented here and on all my amazing reviewers’ sites. What a fantastic week!

Please be sure you got Soul Search on ebook for commenting. I hate the idea of missing anyone in the fun frenzy.

For all you book junkies out there, this Friday is the Indie Book Collective’s Bestseller For A Day and five ebooks are up for 99 cents grabbing just in time for Halloween. There’s a Kindle giveaway, too. Author Cristyn West will be feeling all sorts of naked out there. Let’s be sure we support her with a shout out and a purchase.

Sooo…what makes YOU feel naked?

:}Amber Scott

Blog Tour de Force–Who’s under my mask?

Well, hello, hello!  I see you caught me haunting the page of the fabulous Amber Scott! Wouldn’t you do the same?  I mean honestly…this place is riddled with gorgeous alpha males and feisty heroines to match.  Everyone knows that is equal to perfection in my book…well they would if they knew who I was under this mask.

It is DAY 1, STOP 1, in Blog Tour de Force’s “Masquerade” and that means a FREE ebook just for commenting, plus your shot at a KINDLE, plus your shot at Amber’s infamous HOT Kit. (Only the winner can reveal what is inside.)

***Don’t forget to leave your email address for your ebook(s)***

So do you think you know who I am?  Care to render a guess and try for some extra Kindle points?  Go right ahead…I dare you!  See if you can get all these Masquerade Blog Tour De Force authors pegged with one glance.

I will wait for you…I’ll just sit here with my nose buried in Amber’s book, Soul Search, and allow myself to get completely lost in one of Grant’s delicious werewolf kisses. *Sigh* There’s nothing better than a good kiss, especially when it’s delivered from a wonderful, tortured, handsome, werewolf with wounds and secrets buried deep inside.  Oh, to be the lucky woman to help him overcome all that!  Wrap that up in an awesome paranormal storyline with psychics, visions, symbols and ghosts and, “Wha-la!”—like I said before…perfection!

Of course we have some other good werewolf action happening on this tour.  Have you checked out Cherished, the latest installment from Belinda Boring’s Mystic Wolves serial? Mason’s heartfelt emotions nearly brought me to my knees! What a guy!

Or what about another great story by Rachel Thompson and Kelli McCracken, The Evil Within.  Are you ready for this ride?

You don’t have to take my word for it. Amber’s book review sponsors agree and if you comment on any of their sites with the phrase “Slay Me HOT!” you get an extra free ebook of her title WANTED!! Here they are:

Sullivan McPig

Alchemy of Scrawl

I Smell Sheep

Close Encounters With The Night Kind

Saph’s Book Blog

Dime Store Novel

Taylor Lee Books

My list could go on and on with one great read right after another, like Change of Heart, by the awesome Jackie Chanel or Gifts of Blood, by Vicki Keire, so get out there and trick-or-treat a bit…what’s better than a goodie bag of FREE ebooks? Don’t you just LOVE the Blog Tour De Force? It makes reading FUN!

So comment away my lovelies…make your guesses and get your free ebook copy of Soul Search.  Don’t forget to leave your email address with your comment so Amber can send Soul Search to you, and check out her awesome giveaway

Okay, thanks for chatting with me.  I’m off to reapply my lip gloss now so I will be ready for more of Grant’s kisses!! #HappyHaunting!

Next STOP…Maxwell Cynn’s blog and much MORE fun…

Hump Day Updates–Fast and Hard

The holiday season is coming on fast and hard.

Halloween!! I love, love, LOVE scary season. Not just for the candy or costumes or things that go bump in the night. Moreover, all us paranormal lovers get license to fang, howl and hex out in the open.

This Halloween season will bring Enchanted Moon, “Dirt Nap” in The Evil Within, and possibly, if life cooperates, the re-release of The Best Revenge.

Speaking of Enchanted Moon, the What’s My Name contest got a couple extra days of a go. Today will be the last day to throw your name suggestion in the hat. Just click here and put it in the status or as a comment. Feel free to shout out to your favorite suggestion, too. Just click here. Be sure to hit the like button while you’re there!

Also in October, I’ll be giving an online workshop through the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA, called Red Carpet Writing where I share screenwriting tips for novelists.

When I’m up at the ECWC, there will be a costume dinner. What am I going as?

You’ll never guess.

Zombie Audrey Hepburn! Yep, right down to the little black dress. I CAN”T WAIT!

Happy Hump Day! What’s coming soon for you?

:}Amber Scott