“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” -W.B. Yeats

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Scene Song Sunday–”Love Me Dead”

We could all use a smile today so I changed Scene Song Saturday to Sunday. Plus, yesterday got away from me, so double win!

My favorite line from “Love Me Dead” by Ludo has to be “…and when her edges soften, her body is my coffin….”

I listened to this song for Liv Starr’s dark obsession with human lust in Love Lust and it is also SO deliciously accurate for “Dirt Nap,” my short story for The Evil Within horror anthology coming soon for Halloween.

It’s such a delightful little tune about the toxicity that some loves come with. Dare you not to be humming it in the car.

Happy Sunday!
Amber Scott

Hump Day Updates–Fall Up!

Remember the cover of Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein? Ever feel like that’s you peeking over that same drawn edge?

Yeah. Me, too. After a hectic summer and blazing hot days down here in AZ, I am SO ready for fall. And not just for the cooler weather and my coming zombie Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume. (Shhh, don’t tell. It’s a surprise!) I have a lot of other exciting stuff on deck, too!

This September, after two editorial delays (read life happens), Soul Search shall release! YAY!!!! Wanted shall re-release!!! And, should all go well, Muse Food: Getting Hungry will coming trotting out after. Cool!

In October, I’ll be presenting “Muse Food” at the ECWC with my very talented and extraordinary co-presenter, Jess Macallan. Jess and I met last year at the same conference when I shyly sat next to her at lunch and we found we have tons in common, primarily that we’re both brain geeks!

Also in October, I get to join eleven other authors in the Blog Tour de Force “Masquerade” tour where we will all masquerade as each other so readers can guess who is who while grabbing over twelve titles free on ebook. Sweet!

Somewhere in there, two anthologies I am lucky enough to be in also release. I’m particularly excited about the horror anthology, The Evil Within, and my contribution, “Dirt Nap”, my zombie first. I will tell you now that I am shocked at how much fun zombie Cara was to write.

I also wanted to thank the winner of this summer’s Menage a Blog HOT kit, Angi Morgan!

More news coming soon and to catch me currently, be sure to tune into the Romancing Your Dark Side paranormal book tour. Lots to win and gab about.

HUGS! Amber


Scene Song Saturday–”Love You Like…”

The really delicious part of this post, I will totally miss out on. Bummer. What is that part?

Your reaction.

First, let me share the song I’m currently in writing love with. “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez. #sosogood

Next, let me share the character who this song ‘belongs’ to in my head. Cara freakin Cox, baby. She’s a kickass twenty something who hasn’t had a real shot at her own life because her errant sister seems to eff things up for both of them.

A lot.

So Cara feels this song deep, deep down while loving from afar–*sigh*–Jinx. (No that isn’t his real name. It’s his DJ alias.) There’s just one or two little problems.

Cara just woke up from a dirt nap. Yeah.

She’s a zombie who’d like to figure out who killed her then buried her in zombie dirt before she ends up eating brains and facing the next double tap.

See? That right there? I wish I could see your face exactly now. :)

Fun, fun, FUN, Amber Scott

PS: “Dirt Nap” is my short coming up in the IBC horror anthology “The Evil Within” just in time for Halloween.