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Hump Day Updates–Naked Me

Well…maybe naked isn’t exactly the right word.

Presenting a workshop feels a little bit like getting out of the shower in public. Thankfully, it only feels that way about the first two minutes. By then, some friendly audience member tosses me a towel in the form of a smile.

Yep, I’m presenting this weekend at the Emerald City Writers’ Conference with fellow creativity coach and co-author of MUSE FOOD, Jess Macallan. We’ll be sharing our sensory bar with attendees and getting to know what makes each person’s individual creative spark become a fire. MUSE FOOD goes live this weekend and will be ebook priced at just 99 cents.

If you’re in the Seattle area, I’d love to see you and share some swag at the ECWC Book Fair on Saturday at 4:30-6pm. I’ll have lots of goodies on me.

Speaking of getting undressed, I’ll bet you all are wondering who was in costume as me all last week. MANY of you already guessed correctly. It was the uber sweet and amazing author Lacey Weatherford!!! Did you guess right?

Yeah. I know. A lot of us did. Which rocks!!

And while the random number generator has no favorites, it did select a winner of the super secret HOT Kit! Why is it secret? Because my hubby dabbles in beauty products and whatever is popular and new is usually also hush hush unless you’re an industry insider.

AND the winner is…..

Enna Penglin!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to Enna and everyone else who commented here and on all my amazing reviewers’ sites. What a fantastic week!

Please be sure you got Soul Search on ebook for commenting. I hate the idea of missing anyone in the fun frenzy.

For all you book junkies out there, this Friday is the Indie Book Collective’s Bestseller For A Day and five ebooks are up for 99 cents grabbing just in time for Halloween. There’s a Kindle giveaway, too. Author Cristyn West will be feeling all sorts of naked out there. Let’s be sure we support her with a shout out and a purchase.

Sooo…what makes YOU feel naked?

:}Amber Scott